About Me

The Information Age began before I entered the workforce in 1989, but I witnessed it explode with the widespread implementation of the Internet and the personal computer. Two simple concepts struck me immediately: Basic-based, bare-bones database examples I saw in high school, and ASCII data retrieval from the Internet using Telnet. Netscape 1.0, incorporating eye-catching, reader-friendly text layout, and images…..wow. When I first saw what was possible, it was a bit overwhelming. I knew combining database retrieval with online access opened up a world of career opportunities. I wanted to be a part of it! I spent hours and hours teaching myself what I could, starting with simple HTML tags while working as a technical services assistant at the Shenandoah University Library in Winchester, Virginia. Fu Associates, Ltd. hired me as a web analyst in 1997 and I ramped up my abilities thanks to working alongside some of the brightest minds I’ve ever met.

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